Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Experiment

I'm working on another experiment, and this time it's a small pieced quilt with two fabrics, curved seams, a pillow-edge finish, and machine quilting. When I was almost done quilting the dark lines, which are actually navy blue, I ran out of thread. LOL!

It was late, and I wanted to continue working on the quilt, so I tried laying down some color with a band of fluorescent orange quilting. The lines of orange quilting are closer together than the lines of navy, and I like how it stiffens and flattens the quilt while adding subtle color. So, I've decided to keep going with it, and will vary thread color slightly as I go.

The black shape is quilted in the opposite direction, which you can see on the back. I'm planning to leave it that way and fill the surrounding blue areas with more dense quilting in fluorescent thread. This quilt will be part of my "Small Wonders" series- if I don't screw it up! I have a name in mind, but will share that later. 

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  1. Life can be so unfair sometimes. Keep experimenting! Hugs.