Friday, November 30, 2012

It wasn't just any year...

Just a short statement at the beginning, and then pictures!!
It's been a special year for collecting quilts, so I thought I'd do something special to celebrate. I'm making a book focusing on the year's acquisitions. The book will include about half of the 50+ quilts that found their way to me in 2012.

The applique counterpane that caused such a big stir in 2012.
Originally, this book was just going to be for personal use, but as I began to put things together, I realized it was telling an untold story about one year in the life of a quilt collector. That might be interesting enough, since most collectors aren't providing a play-by-play of their collecting activities, but it's something more than that. It wasn't just any year. It was a year to remember.

Pair of 1990s quilts by Andrea Balosky of Camp Sherman, Oregon 
The famous velvet fans quilt.
The tale is told mostly with pictures, as the quilts speak for themselves. What more could I really say? I'm still pretty speechless about 2012.

An award-winning quilt by Jean Wells Keenan of Sisters, Oregon.
Cover spread - this quilt wraps around from front to back, logo on back.


  1. 50 quilts in a year! You have me beat by about 40!

  2. A bunch of those were Alzheimer's quilts, and I also bought a lot of bargain quilts, like the $9.99 double-knit polyester quilts from eBay and Goodwill. So, I spent a lot less than you might think. :)

  3. oh, you are killing me here. Hmmm, I'd like to do this too (and probably have got about that many) but my Mom's head would probably explode if she heard about it. LOL

  4. You should totally try making a book. Good photos help. Mine aren't always the best, but they work pretty well. Doing the edge cutout in Photoshop helps the pictures along. :)

  5. Interesting concept - you have been very generous in your sharing of your quilts, not just on this blog but in lectures and shows. Love the idea of a book - this year you will probably have the greatest enthusiasm for the new quilts and you are putting it in writing now for prosperity.