Friday, November 16, 2012

On the Exam Table

Layered Fans, c. 1920, New York
I'll admit, I left the Layered Fans hanging on the rack for a day. It made me happy to see it hanging up. But today as I was setting up for some appraisals, the stand came down and the quilt went on to the exam table.

It's in pretty good condition. There is some minor fading, staining on the back, a couple loose seams, and migrated batting. But what an incredible work of art! I keep looking at it and wondering, "what was she thinking?" The design is intensely graphic, and although the materials are seen more often in the Victorian era, the quilt is really an art deco masterpiece.

Most intriguing is how the quilt changes in the light. In overcast daylight, it seems to have cool tones. In sun and under electric lamps, it's much warmer. The supple velvet picks up the light in mysterious ways. It has an aura about it. Once you see this quilt, you never forget it. Many thanks to Laura Fisher of Fisher Heritage in New York for offering this gem.


  1. I saw this quilt at the exhibit in Bellingham. I went several times and this piece just drew me in, beautiful purchase.

  2. I love reading and seeing photos of your delicious finds! Love reading of your passion and energy regarding this journey of yours. If you would be so kind as to send me an email with your information. I was in Florida this week visiting my Father and took some time to visit a few antique malls. I came across something hidden in a corner at the bottom of a bookshelf that I think you would like to have for your Bicentennial collection. Its not a quilt but a nice little extra. I would love to send it to you, I think you would enjoy having it.