Wednesday, January 18, 2017

yesterday's playlist for today

In the 1960s and 70s, our family had to be very thrifty. We survived on hand-me-downs, garage sales and a deep repertoire of casserole recipes. It wasn't so much about stretching a buck, more like a dime. Mom could feed a family of four with a can of SPAM, tomatoes and some spaghetti, and remarkably, she always made it feel like something special.

In the kitchen we listenened to the radio together. We never missed Joan Hamburg's bargain shopping segments on WOR, New York, the Rambling with Gambling show. I loved WABC, top 40 music, and many of yesterday's hits are still spinning around in my head. Times were tough when these songs were on the radio, but the music always helped.


  1. The music of my life! Ahhh, memories!

  2. I sometimes feel as if I missed the 70s; I was so busy raising my brood. I sewed most of their clothes and cooked up a storm. I seem to have just vague memories!