Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Barbie" Hawaiian doll shirt

Yesterday I got a nice surprise. My friend Madge sent a cute little "Barbie" Hawaiian doll shirt. Thank you, Madge! The shirt has a little "Barbie" label inside, but was made for a male doll.

I have been searching for information about it online, but have not found much. One site had photos of a doll that sold in an online auction. I am not sure if it is a Ken doll or some other doll such as Ken's friend Allan. 

All of these items were manufactured by Mattel, but I am not sure where to find more information. I would love to know more about the shirt, what year it was made, what items were part of the complete outfit, and which doll wore the clothes. Any Barbie collectors out there who could tell me where to look?

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