Friday, April 26, 2013

More Polyester Patchwork

This 1970s polyester double knit one-patch quilt came from an eBay seller in Citrus Heights, California. It is 62" x 82" and is tied with green yarn. It looks like there was a plan to start with rows of two alternating colors at top and bottom, then all hell broke loose. The rows aren't perfectly straight, and corners don't always meet. As a result, there's a lot of movement in the quilt.

From a distance, the image could be a tiny section of a pixelated photo that was enlarged beyond recognition, but it's really just patchwork. I love the mix of strong colors with soft colors and solids with prints and plaids. It goes to show how quiltmakers are fabric lovers, even with seemingly unlovable fabrics.

1 comment:

  1. My mother made a small polyester tied quilt. She put fringe around the outside edge. She told my sister and I that whoever got married first would get the quilt so it got named the "son-in-law" quilt. I was the first to get married in 1973 and we used the quilt for picnics for over 30 years. When my oldest daughter got married in 2004, she claimed the quilt because she was the first daughter to get married. It is still just as bright as ever although the fringe is getting worn and is still being used as a picnic quilt.