Sunday, April 21, 2013

1970s Scrappy Snake Trails

It's here, and I love it. This scrappy Snake Trails quilt was made in the 1970s and includes a wonderful variety of 70s cotton calicoes and other print fabrics. Most of the time, these Snake Trail quilts are made with fan blocks. Only a few of these blocks could pass for fans. They're really just strip pieced quarter circles.

And look- there's rick rack!! What a hoot! I need to take a closer look to see what the rick rack may be hiding. Something tells me there's an ugly looking seam under it. Brilliant solution to add trim for a nice finish. There are some great calicoes I hadn't seen before, some quite colorful. The quilt is 66" x 86" and is hand quilted. What a great find!!


  1. thank you for the close ups! I am eying my vintage rick rack stash, and I believe this quilt is worthy of using it up at one fell swoop. Got a spiderweb I'm making and then this quilt is next up!

  2. I can't believe how many on those fabrics I have still in my stash. It is scary!