Friday, December 14, 2012

The Purple Quilt

"The Purple Quilt" c. 1970, Texas, 81 & 1/2" x 64"
So, I can't look at this quilt without having the "Purple People Eater" song go through my head.

The quilt is a simple one-patch, or four-patch, depending on how you look at it. It is all double-knit polyester, tied, and done in a style that almost suggests a medallion. Whether it's a one-patch or four-patch, the overall design is symmetrical, and the symmetry jumps out because of the dark, floral print fabric patches.

Some amazing fabrics! Textured, woven, and printed designs. That's the interesting thing about doble-knit. It's got print, woven, and textured designs. So, even people who don't like it should respect it. A truly versatile fabric, even if it's the not the "fabric of our life".