Friday, December 28, 2012

2012: Behind-the-Scenes

Willow Tree Quilt, backlighting photo shoot
If you follow my blog, you may wonder what happens behind-the-scenes. So, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite behind-the-scenes pictures from 2012.

...on the back deck...

Getting ready for AQSG Seminar Study Center
Study Center Quilts return safely home
an alternative setup for lectures and photographing quilts
a UFO! maybe it'll get done in 2013...
I enjoy looking at these pictures because they capture those moments that people don't often get to see. In my house, there's always something going on with quilts!


  1. I have a question...I enjoy reading your blog very much, as you celebrate the quilts I love, and make. (That said, I never, ever would consider putting one of my wonky wonders in a quilt show.I'm afraid I would be too crushed.But it pleases me to no end to see a collector's blog dedicated to the wonky.) So, I wonder, for those of us that just make quilts that please us, and our families and friends, what should we put on the labels? What about the polyester quilts I sometimes buy at garage sales and goodwills- do I make it a label, saying "I bought this at the Blanktown Goodwill"? Sorry if this is a silly question, and thanks for your behind the scenes post.

  2. love the willow quilt back lit ! Would be cool to figure out a way to display it that way permanently.