Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Why Quilts Matter" June Guest Blog

Tumbling Blocks, c. 1940, Lidian Hostetler, Wayne County, Ohio
In case you haven't already caught my June guest blog for "Why Quilts Matter" I thought I'd share the info. The blog is called "Good Eye" and it's about developing an eye for quilts. It is the sixth guest blog I've written this year, one each month, and like the others it is another way of continuing the conversation about quilts.

If you've been following these guest blogs, you may have noticed a lot of autobiographical notes. That's because I feel connected to quilts through the stories about acquiring them and living with them. These stories are sometimes amusing, occasionally madcap, but always memorable. I also feel connected to quilts by what they teach me, always learning new things. You never know what a quilt will teach you, but you've got to be ready for the lesson.

In the latest blog, I talk about the process of developing a good eye for quilts, and share two Amish crib quilts that were once part of the Esprit Collection. One of these is the Tumbling Blocks, pictured above.  It was once part of the Esprit collection, and I got it around Christmas a few years ago from an eBay seller in the Bay Area. She sent it to me in Maine, where I was visiting my parents, and Mom paid for the quilt as my big Christmas gift that year. Thanks, Mom!

To check out this month's "Why Quilts Matter" guest blog, click here!

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