Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm pretty speechless about this great old quilt top, which just arrived from Mark French in Ohio. Since my head is spinning and my jaw's on the floor, here are some pictures. Click to enlarge. Just do it!

Still speechless...


So, what do you think?


  1. Yep, I'm pretty speechless too. OMG was my thought as I closely looked at those fabrics. How did you find this?

    1. Last year I bought another jaw-dropping early top from Mark French in Ohio. When he got this one, he thought of me and asked if I wanted it. I did, but had to put it on layaway for a couple months. Everything stopped when it arrived today.

  2. Beautiful old quilt. Love the bold fabrics and their vibrant color!! Congratulations on the quilt purchase!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, I love the fabrics!

  4. The fine detail in those fabrics is something I would love to see in modern fabbrics.

  5. The colors are very rich & deep!! The shirtings are very different many I have seen in the late 1890's quilts. The blue is outstanding. I was thinking of you yesterday, when I noticed a kit for a patchwork USA quilt on ebay. Looks alot like the polyester quilts you showed previously.

  6. went back to look at the quilt kit & it is actually a wall hanging. It is listed under vintage quilt kits. I guess your USA map quilts were probably calicos blends and not 100 percent polyester. I also meant to say The shirtings are very different from the many I have seen ..... Time to go to bed.

  7. The fabrics are just delightful.... would love to add some repo's to my stash....

    Thank you for posting these sort of quilts with pictures where one can SEE the fabric detail.