Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Perfect Pair

"Sidetracked" & "Sidetracked Again" by Mary Gilkerson, Albany California
I just received the latest shipment of quilts from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, and among the group was another perfect pair. These two quilts were made by Mary Gilkerson of Albany, California, and they are called "Sidetracked" and "Sidetracked Again". It wouldn't have been right to split them up, so I bought both of them.

"Sidetracked" 2012
"Sidetracked" (AAQI Quilt #6964) has a the darker background and an upright "T" shape. "Sidetracked Again" (AAQI Quilt #6963) has a lighter background and an inverted "T" shape. It's almost like one quilt is the reverse of the other, and when seen side-by-side, the quilts have a Yin-Yang effect.
"Sidetracked Again" 2012
It was interesting to see the backs, because most of the quilts I've seen so far have had these beautifully rendered numbers, but I think that may be something Andrea Balosky does. These two were marked on some type of applied translucent material. Possibly a fusible material, but it looks like Scotch Tape.

"Sidetracked" (reverse view)
"Sidetracked Again" (reverse view)
Based on the titles, I presumed that "Sidetracked" was the first of the pair, and "Sidetracked Again" was the second. But the numbers are reversed. "Sidetracked" is 6964, and "Sidetracked Again" is 6963.

The thing I like most about these quilts is the way they speak in unison about the idea of getting sidetracked. It happens to people with Alzheimers, but it also happens to people like me.

I'll be cleaning the house, for example, and discover I need to change a lightbulb in the upstairs closet. Then I go downstairs, and the laundry is ready to go in the dryer. Then, out of the corner of my eye I notice a sink full of dishes needing to be done. An hour later I end up back upstairs, without a lightbulb. I go back down to get it, and get sidetracked once more. I really hope they find a cure and a prevention for Alzheimer's. I get sidetracked enough as it is.


  1. Lovely pair of quilts. I get sidetracked too much!!
    Is the number removable? I've always written the number in pen on the back and the ones I've bought have been the same.

  2. Interesting set and I agree, good together. Sidetracked--so easy to do!

  3. Beautiful! I've been looking to purchase a quilt made by Andrea Balosky, but, alas, they're all sold!
    Thanks for the info on that polyester beauty hanging on your wall. I thought it was a Pine Burr quilt.

  4. So glad you kept these together... defiantly stronger as a pair.