Saturday, December 30, 2017

What a year!

In 2017, I focused on what was important, and quilts were part of each and every day. Early in the year, I traveled to Hawaii on a whirlwind vintage collecting spree, in search of Hawaiian scrap quilts made of aloha shirts and muumuus.

Later in the year, I exhibited polyester quilts from the 1970s at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. It was a culminating experience following several years of focused collecting, and it was a big honor.

In the summer, I spent long days at the beach, but didn't get a lot of photos I could share in blog posts. I did, however, lay out on a polyester patchwork quilt almost every day.

The new year promises more of the same, even though fewer projects are planned. There is a new book on the way, I will be buying and selling quilts, and love is in the air. Thank you to all the readers and everyone who stopped by Wonkyworld in 2017. May 2018 bring you much joy, and may Wonkyworld and great quilts be a big part of it.



  1. Hi Bill, I've enjoyed reading your blog this year -- thank you.

    Would you be interested in a newly made American flag quilt? It has a striking design. A friend won it in a raffle and would like to find a home for it.

  2. I so enjoy your posts, Bill. Best wishes for a fabulous new year.