Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Throwback Tuesday: That Quilt Top

Where have you seen this quilt top before, and who made it?
Seven years ago in October I launched Wonkyworld. Over 1300 posts and more than a million page views later, I'm still blogging. Most of the time I blog about collecting antique and vintage quilts, but sometimes other topics: art, food, health, travel and leisure.

Readers may be familiar with the blue patchwork background, but did you know it is from a quilt top I made more than ten years ago? It was an experiment, made with old denim. I thought I would try to make a quilt inspired by Gee's Bend. At the time, I never expected to have a real Gee's Bend quilt in my collection, so the idea was to make one.

Soon after I started the blog, a bona fide Gee's Bend quilt came to the collection, and I blogged about it here. The stunning discovery helped get the ball rolling for Wonkyworld, and there were many other wonderful revelations to follow. Sometimes the latest discovery is right in front of us, such as the source of the design for the wallpaper at Wonkyworld.

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  1. The quilt visible on your wallpaper has been a continuing source of inspiration for me... I love playing with denim especially for picnic blankets and baby play mats!