Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Patriotic Quilts

pictorial with log cabin and American flag, c. 1930s from Ohio
It's Election Day in the United States of America, but rather than talk about all of that, I thought I'd share some favorite patriotic quilts from my personal collection. Enjoy, and God Bless America!

1930s Mountain Mist New York Beauty from Kentucky
1970s USA Map quilt, all polyester, from Texas
1980s USA Map patchwork wallhanging
1970s Interior with Founding Father Portrait
American Flag with 13 stars, c. 1976, Florida
Extension Clubs Bicentennial Sampler, 1976, Oklahoma
1970s polyester quilt top in red, white and blue
mass-produced Bicentennial quilt, Louisville, Kentucky
Mountain Mist Bicentennial Quilt - 1976
polyester 1970s quilt

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