Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How do I document my collection?

2010: one of my first quilt books with highlights from my collection
On yesterday's American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, Pat Sloan asked how I document my collection. One of my favorite ways is to make self-published, print-on-demand books. 

two of the self-published, print-on-demand exhibition catalogues
I self-published my first book about quilts in 2010 using Blurb, and my first exhibition catalogues around the same time. Starting in 2012, I published an annual book with acquisitions from the year. This year, 2016, is my 5th one. 

I record the pattern name if known, materials, maker if known, date, location of origin or place found, and dimensions. Each quilt is represented by a full view color image and sometimes a detail shot. 
2012, my first annual collection book
There is an introductory message from yours truly at the beginning of each annual, so if someone was to pick up a copy, they would hopefully be able to figure out what it was all about.
2013, my second annual collection book

By 2013, quilts were appearing in other publications, and it was helpful to have the basic statistics in a place where I could easily retrieve them.
2014, my third annual collection book
In the last two years, the annual books have become more personal, with the inclusion of photos from the year as well as quilt pictures with basic information.

So, that's how I document my quilts. I am working on some other books, such as a large catalogue of my 1970s collection and a collection overview. Some of my past books are now out of print, but several are still available. To check out the selection, click here.

If you missed yesterday's podcast, it is available on iTunes, and at this link. Thank you to Pat Sloan and Aperican Patchwork & Quilting for inviting me to be on the show.

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