Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bicentennial Raffle Quilt, Barrington, Rhode Island

Bicentennial Raffle Quilt, 1976, Barrington, RI, 80" x 95"

I've had my eye on Bicentennial Quilts lately, and here's an interesting one. It is a 1976 raffle quilt made by members of the West Barrington Community Church in Barrington, Rhode Island. An 11-year-old girl from Riverside, Rhode Island won it in the raffle at a church bazaar and picnic, and she slept under the quilt until the 1980s when she went off to college. The quilt had been packed away ever since then.

The red and white polka dot fabric squares in the centers of the stars include appliqu├ęd states. Some are threadbare, but you can still make them out. The quilt is 80" x 95" and all cotton. It has some neat fabrics, and great embroidery detail across the center sash. Especially wonderful that it came with some provenance. 

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