Wednesday, November 30, 2016

custom Vans

custom lace-up Vans with the image of a velvet quilt from my collection
Four years ago, I was completely smitten with Zazzle's custom Keds. I designed a lot of them, and was ready to start selling them when Zazzle abruptly discontinued them. I only managed to order one pair at that point, and they had the blue denim design from my Wonkyworld wallpaper.

Zazzle Keds from 2012 with my Wonkyworld wallpaper design
There was a message on the Zazzle web site indicating they would soon offer custom sneakers again and keep us posted with e-mail updates. That was 2012. I never heard from Zazzle again.

an 1830s quilt top gives these slip-on Vans a lux look
beachy Vans slip-ons for a vacation in Hawaii?
quilty Vans lace-ups, perfect for puddle jumping around Portland
So you can imagine how pleased I was to discover a similar service from Vans. You can customize two different styles, one with laces and the other a classic slip-on. Of course, I had to play around with the customizer, and came up with a bunch of ideas using quilts from my collection. Lots of possibilities. Which style should I get first?


  1. If you do start selling or sharing your ideas for the Vans, I would be interested!

  2. I'd start with the Hawaiian slip-ons and plan a trip to Hawaii!

  3. Hawaiian--so bright and happy in our gloomy NW days

  4. Ohh - I like the velvet quilt design. But then that is my choice and not yours. Go for the beachy vans for out-and-about with the velvet for evening.