Friday, July 25, 2014

The Volckening Collection on Facebook

I created a Facebook page for my collection. It is especially helpful for anyone who is interested in the quilts, but would rather not see random posts about my cat, Lulu, or links to music videos such as this one. (LOL!)

Pieced Quilt, c. 1800, Rhode Island
There are pictures of several quilts in a few groups: New York Beauty, 1970s Quilts, and 1850 and Earlier.

Pieced quilt, c. 1865, United States
Pieced Quilt, c. 1970, Oregon
I will share news and information about events on the new page, as well as my personal home page. There will be some new magazine articles coming soon, a few events, exhibitions, and of course, my upcoming book. To visit The Volckening Collection Facebook page, click here.


  1. Great idea! My grandma recently made me my own quilt that I used for my engagement pictures. It's amazing how much time and effort (and precision!) goes into quilting.

  2. Personally, I enjoy seeing the random photo of Lulu with my quilt educational browsing....