Thursday, May 30, 2013

She Could Stand to Have Some Ham

Lulu is like my little Royal Taster. She loves to hang around the kitchen when I'm cooking, and she always has a lot to say about what I'm doing. Whenever she seems interested in my food, I let her sniff it and sometimes she'll have a little taste.

Today I was making a Monte Cristo for lunch, and there she was, meowing her head off. I let her sniff a little snippet of ham, and at first she wasn't so sure about it. As soon as I told her ham was like bacon, she stood up on her hind legs and started to beg. What a riot!! I just adore this cat.

By the way, caption contest winner was another longtime cat lover, Pepper Cory! Congratulations, Pepper. Your prize will arrive next week.


  1. Gotta love Miss Lulu! :-) She is a gorgeous and cute little Monkey-Girl!!!

  2. I thought of Lulu today when I saw this sign in a local pizza place - "Try our 5 cheese DOUBLE BACON Pizza!!!"