Wednesday, May 8, 2013

c. 1970 one-patch with fabric samples

I'd watched this one on eBay for a while, and finally decided to just go for it. This c. 1970 one-patch includes a variety of colorful fabric samples, upholstery, commemorative, and Polynesian prints. Backed and bound with a red print fabric with blue and white dots and wheel-like geometric shapes. It came from a seller in Texas, and is 66" x 83", tied, and fairly heavy despite having no batting. Take a look at some of these amazing fabrics. It's like a time capsule!


  1. Funny thing, I found some of my Mom's fabric from JC Pennt's that are those fabrics not more than a month ago. The were in a metal trunk. I was looking for a pattern for them because the print was large and I didn't wantto chop them up to much.

    I might have to borrow three idea later.

    1. Be my guest. Someone else said it looked like something Kaffe Fassett would've done.

  2. I just LOVE all these fabrics, ugly as they are.