Monday, May 20, 2013


What a day! The fine folks from Quiltmania Magazine paid me a visit yesterday, and we looked at piles of quilts. I heard Carol say "j'adore" a lot. Here are a few of the "j'adores" from show and tell.

this quilt was on my bed

This one was on the wall in my great room

We saw 40 or 50 quilts, maybe more, and at one point I opened the lower hall linen cabinets to reveal another huge stash of quilts. It was fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We're going to be doing some projects together, so Bill's going to be a busy boy the next couple years. Merci beaucoup, Quiltmania!


  1. Am looking forward to seeing your quilts in the magazine (I've been a faithful subscriber for more than a decade - their superb photography will do justice to your quilts).

  2. J'adore is right!! Have you ever thought of patterning the rooster album quilt? I'll bet there are more than a few of us who would jump at the chance to stitch a reproduction of that beauty! What do you say, Bill?

  3. I think anything is possible, and love the idea of patterning the rooster. May not happen tomorrow, but I think it could happen.

    1. Oooh! I hope so! If you need someone to help... :-)
      Paula in Sacramento

  4. J'adore tout aussi -- and I can't wait to see you in Quiltmania. It's really the best quilt magazine out there right now.

    I agree, I'd also LOVE to see a pattern for that album with the rooster. I can help too - I love drawing patterns from antique appliques.

  5. How exciting, anything that Quiltmania does is always first class. Love the quilts you showed, and that is the cutest rooster I've seen on a quilt!

  6. Oh my golly, so many stunning quilts in one post!!! I think Quiltmania could have a regular monthly feature of your quilts!!

  7. I really j'adore that rooster! Too gorgeous!