Friday, May 10, 2013 I was saying...

pieces of "Oregon July" - it may or may not end up looking like this :)
A funny thing happened yesterday. I was talking with my friend Georgia, and was telling her there wouldn't be a ManLand exhibit in Sisters this year. After we got off the phone, I discovered an e-mail from Jamie Audrain, events coordinator of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, seeking quilts for this year's ManLand exhibit. Talk about uncanny, and what a nice surprise!

As I was saying to Georgia, there were a couple things I'd been working on, and maybe one of them would be done in time for the show. "Oregon July" is probably the best candidate. It's a simple quilt, and I know pretty much where I'm going with it. The quilt is larger than anything I've done, but I have a pretty clear idea about how I want it to look.

The other thing I'm working on is an improvisational pieced quilt with white, off-white, and taupe - cheap muslins. It is very loosely inspired by Molly Upton's Torrid Dwelling, similar architectural feeling and monumental scale, except there will be an absence of color. It will be a bed quilt as well as a show quilt. I only have a small section of it done, so maybe it'll be next summer's ManLand quilt. 

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