Wednesday, August 1, 2012

...and the winner is...

Our winner - Siobhan!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by Wonkyworld yesterday for the third stop on the "Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts" Blog Book Tour. Everyone who commented on yesterday's blog was entered into a random drawing for the giveaway, and the winner will receive one copy of the new book by Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms.

...and the winner is...

Siobhan Furgurson, aka Yankee Quilter of the "Scraps and Threadtales" blog. Siobhan lives in Georgia, and we actually met each other in Paducah in 2011. I didn't expect the winner to be someone I'd met. Congratulations, Siobhan. Special thanks to Mary Elizabeth Kinch for inviting me to be part of the Blog Book Tour.

So, if you didn't win, you've got seven more chances. Here's the schedule for the remaining dates on the Blog Book Tour:

August 10 ~  See How We Sew
Aug 13 ~   Quiltsalott
Aug 20 ~  Amy's Creative Side
Aug 29 ~ Supergoof
Sept 3 ~ Quilts in the Barn
Sept 11 ~  Stitch This/Martingale
Sept 17 ~ Quilting with the Past

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  1. Thanks Bill! With everything that has gone on this week it was nice to have something to make me smile!