Wednesday, May 24, 2023

island flair

dancing hula girl bobble figurines

We find a lot of items from the southern Pacific islands here in the greater Portland metro area. Several of our most recent finds are now available for sale at Vintage Vault PDX.

tapa cloth made by pounding tree bark and embellishing it

We love finding bowls and serving platters made with monkey pod wood. These objects are utilitarian, but  quite elegant.

monkey pod wood serving dish

We found a pair of carved wooden wall plaques recently at a thrift shop. They seem Hawaiian but were most likely made in the Philippines. 

A large piece of tapa cloth is also representative of Hawaiian culture, but it was more likely made in Fiji or Tonga.

If you are setting up a tiki bar in the breezeway or just love a little island flair, check out our shop -  Vintage Vault PDX at Etsy. To visit our shop, click here.

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