Thursday, October 10, 2019

southern quilts

applique quilt, c. 1860, Mrs. M.E. Poyner, Paducah, KY
What makes a quilt southern? Is there a distinct, regional style associated with the southeastern United States? Quilt enthusiasts have been exploring the topic in a new Facebook group started recently by the preeminent quilt historian Barbara Brackman.

The group, started in September, is called "QuiltHistorySouth" and already includes over 400 members. It is a unique opportunity to interact with Barbara Brackman, who is posting photos and topics of interest, such as recurring motifs, color combinations and dyes.

Thus far, topics have included the unusual leaf design seen in these two quilts
This group seems different from a lot of the other quilt related groups on Facebook. There's less drama. It could be that I've blocked most of the people who were causing problems in other quilting forums in the past, but also, Barbara's presence keeps the conversation on point. Her blog posts have always been wonderful, but Facebook is more interactive. I love her curiosity about quilts. That's something we share. 

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