Tuesday, December 26, 2017

your favorites

It was a lot of fun counting down my top 20 quilts acquired in 2017 during the month of December, from the 7th through the 25th. Seeing these quilts together as one group representing a year of collecting was really something! I gained a great appreciation for diversity in quiltmaking and how it can shape a collection.

So, which ones were your favorites?


  1. I've really enjoyed your countdown--a narrated insight into a collector's eye and heart. My favorite is the "Magnificent Floral Applique" for its stunning visual impact. Most of these quilts were enhanced by a story. My favorite quilt with a story is Carolyn Mazloomi's Quilt, beautifully capturing a poignant human and political story.

  2. My favorites are all of your Hawaiian ones, the quirkier, the better!

  3. Interacting Pyramids (I-Spy) is my favorite...but it's a difficult choice. I also love Carolyn Mazloomi's, Libby Lehman's and Frank Palmer's. I love your eclecticism, too! And, I'm grateful you are collecting and caring for these treasures.

  4. 1st - #2 the Floral Applique. Applique quilts seem to be a favourite of mine recently, and this one is Gorgeous.
    2nd - #8 the reversible whole cloth. IMHO, the old whole cloth quilts hit the sweet spot for intricate designs and deceptive simplicity.
    3rd - #7 Interacting Pyramids, again deceptively simple. Also for being able to keep working the same block in only 2 colors for that long.
    4th - #18 the hand-painted Bicentennial quilt. Mostly for Ms Thompson's not giving up on it and for her nicely done painting. Also just for fondness that it was the bicentennial that got quilting and many other needlework hobbies started up after languishing for years.