Friday, December 22, 2017

Top 20 Quilts of 2017: #5, Libby Lehman's Quilt

Woodland Chromatics is one of Libby Lehman's early masterpieces
This month, I am posting a series of blogs counting down my top 20 quilts of the year. All the quilts were acquired by the collection in 2017, and they represent four centuries of American quilts. 

After suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm followed by a stroke in April 2013, Libby Lehman almost died. Eventually, she regained basic motor skills, along with her signature wit, but she would never make another quilt. This year there was an auction of her quilts, and I was one of the lucky bidders. She made this quilt, "Woodland Chromatics" in 1984, the year I graduated from high school. To read more about it, click here

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  1. I graduated in 1984 too! If you want to experience some flashbacks, I recommend Stranger Things. The plot really appeals to my 13 year old, but I like the cultural references, sound track, is very 1980s. I love this quilt. It is super special. Almost a decade ago, Libby gave me my first blue ribbon at the Albuquerque Fiber Fiesta. Happy New Bill!