Sunday, August 13, 2017

"I love you!"

During my Facebook Live segment with Marin Hanson at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum last week, two curious women walked into the shot and started checking out the Tile Blocks quilt. I hope one or both of them are following my blog because I have a message for them.

"I love you!"

The whole thing started innocently enough. Marin was interviewing me, and everything was going normally...

...then the pair wandered into the shot and started checking out the Tile Blocks...

I loved what they were wearing, but I especially loved how they were checking out the piece.

They weren't just checking it out, they were trying to discreetly get a look at the back...well, maybe it wasn't so discreet...

Did they realize they were on Facebook Live? Probably not, and that was part of what made them so awesome. They were keeping it real.

In case they're reading along and were still curious about the construction, The piece is an edge-finished spread with a backing that was added later for the purpose of wall display. The colorful polyester patches were not pieced together with the black rick rack over the top as an embellishment. The patches were actually stitched to the rick rack withthe rick rack joining them. I know, crazy!

Thank you to this wonderful pair of ladies. I enjoyed seeing how enthralled you were, and hope to find out some day who you are. If you're reading along, say hi! To view the whole Facebook Live segment, click on the video below.

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  1. Hilarious! I know I always want to see the back of interesting quilts.....and those quilt guards are always standing nearby, ready to say "don't touch!"....I do appreciate their seriousness about protecting the quilts, though. It is a big compliment that they were so intent on figuring out how it was constructed, isn't it?! Such a pleasure to see someone taking such interest in something you are presenting.