Sunday, May 1, 2016

more block printing

Yesterday I did some more block printing on fabric. I was having so much fun I wasn't even disturbed by the Guy Fieri Triple-D marathon airing three times in a row! This time I was working with a different design, inspired by tattoo art. It took a few tries to get it close to where I wanted.

it worked with the other plate, but not with this one
playing with the tools
it's a little rough, but I like it that way

It may be time to set up that space in my garage and print a larger piece. I like the idea of doing a block printed wholecloth quilt. The oldest quilt in my collection is a block printed blue resist wholecloth quilt from the American Revolutionary War period.


  1. Very interesting pattern and also the color you used!

  2. I see it now; some kind of animal face - maybe a bull; ingenious to turn it upside down and totally abastract it. I think you're on to something exciting. Love the prints.