Thursday, April 28, 2016

an idea

Yesterday I was happily printing away, and had an idea. I thought it would be interesting to print a long, narrow piece of fabric in turquoise on white, using my "Accidental Tiki" block print. Maybe I could use it to make a simple quilt.

A quick survey of my stash produced a long, narrow section of vintage bedsheet material, sent to me recently in a big bundle from Mom. The piece I found was very soft cotton, washed hundreds of times in its life. It had some wear and a few small imperfections, but that's what made it so perfect, in my opinion. The fabric having a life of its own attracted me to it. There was also a straight seam line, which I could use as a guide.

When it was time to stop for supper, I had a 60-inch length printed, but there's room for more if I like. Maybe I'll do something with it, but for now I'm just having fun.


  1. Love the color you used for your block print!

  2. Awesome! It's so much fun creating with a new art form! Great, great fun and your fabric choice!

  3. Having fun is the ONLY way to go. It is looking terrific!