Saturday, January 2, 2016

Open Tuesday: Kalakoa, Discovering the Hawaiian Scrap Quilt

Talk about kicking off the year with a bang! My exhibition "Kalakoa, Discovering the Hawaiian Scrap Quilt" opens on Tuesday at Latimer Quilt & Textile Center in Tillamook, Oregon. The center celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016.

Installation photo from my 2011 exhibition at Latimer Quilt & Textile Center
The first quilt exhibition I ever curated was at Latimer in 2011. It was called "Small Wonders, Doll Quilts by Andrea Balosky" and it was a lot of fun. The quilts were from the collection of Merrily Ripley, and I produced a catalogue with photos of the entire collection and an introduction by the artist.

Installation photo from my 2014 exhibition at Latimer Quilt & Textile Center
In 2014, I showed quilts from my collection in an exhibition called "Masterpiece Quilts, Modernism in American Patchwork, 1810-1970" and also produced a catalogue. Both of these catalogues are still available for sale in my Blurb book store.

"Kalakoa, Discovering the Hawaiian Scrap Quilt" introduces an eye-opening tradition of scrap quilts in Hawaii. An exhibition catalogue is now available in my Blurb book store. To preview or order, click here.

Latimer Quilt & Textile Center is located at 2105 Wilson River Loop in Tillamook, Oregon. If you are planning to visit, please make sure to inquire about their winter hours. For more information, call 503-842-8622 or go visit their website.

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