Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lucky Sevens

Whenever I am in Maine, most often during the holidays, Mom and I love to go antique shopping. She's collected antiques longer than I've been alive and has a real knack for it. Her favorite things are white ironstone and demitasse-size sterling souvenir spoons. She also has a good feel for quilts. I may have had something to do with that.

Last month when I was in Maine, Mom and I went to the Cabot Mill to look at antiques. The mill has a large, group co-op with many sellers, and there is always something interesting to be found. We saw a taxidermy trophy squirrel with front and back ends mounted on separate wooden plaques, but left that item behind.

There was a handsome Fans quilt, toward the back draped over a partition of some sort. Mostly wools, the quilt appeared to be from the early part of the 20th century. It had good colors, nice decorative feather stitching, and was in good condition. It wasn't the $25 bargain we all hope for, but it was reasonable, affordable. We thought about it, left, and came back half an hour later to get it. I'm glad we did. It's a nice one!

The quilt is 73 inches square. It has seven rows of seven blocks, each with seven patches of colorful fabric making the fan shape. All those sevens, I think I'll call it Lucky Sevens! There are several really nice wool quilts in my collection, and this one fits in well with the group.


  1. Wonderful quilt, subtle but different, with the 7's and those tiny embroidered figures. Are all the fan blades wool and the background silk? I would be proud to own or to have made that quilt.