Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Glass Half Full" by Cath Hall

"Glass Half Full" 2015, by Cath Hall
I liked Cath Hall from the moment I first met her. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Cath is a fellow member of Portland Modern Quilt Guild and was an officer last year. With the help of Michelle Freedman, she created the 2015 "Row-By-Row" pattern for Modern Domestic. After I said how much I liked the quilt, she gave it to me!

The clever design is called "Glass Half Full" and it includes six water glasses with water-- a different amount in each glass. Cath made the quilt with the glass getting more and more full from left to right, and I like that! Knowing how much talent she's got, I have a feeling her plate will soon be as full as the glass on the right. Here are a few of her other quilts.

"Cross Stitch Sparkle Quilt" 2015, by Cath Hall
"Rainbow Crazy" 2015, by Cath Hall
"Modern Medallion" 2015 by Cath Hall
She also pieced the back of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild Medallion, which was raffled off at last December's meeting-- and guess who was the lucky winner!

So now I've got two quilts that she worked on. What good luck I have. Thank you, Cath! To see more of Cath Hall's beautiful work, visit her site ~ Wombat Quilts.


  1. I like Cath's work too! No wonder you were smitten with her glass half full quilt!

  2. I agree she does amazing work and so generous! I'm always amazed at the paper piece patterns she willingly shares on her blog. Lucky you and the PMQG to have her in your guild!