Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Princess Feather, after washing

The 1850s Princess Feather has been washed and dried. It brightened up a bit, but is difficult to see in the photos. Here's a side-by-side.

before (left) and after (right) - click to enlarge
A very subtle difference-- you can tell if you look closely at the whites, especially to the left side. Even though all the staining didn't come out, it's cleaner. Remember what the wash water looked like?

 I may try again at some point. There are a few ways to break down stains, but for now I'm satisfied. A lot of dirt came out, and it's a bit brighter and more even. The quilting stands out a bit more, too. I was curious, so I measured it before and after washing. It was 96" square before washing, and about 95" square after, so it shrunk a little. That must be why the quilting stands out more after washing.

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  1. It definitely does look better now. What a treasure!