Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Medallions at Modern Domestic

I was passing through North Portland today, on my way to drop off six large boxes of quilts being shipped to France, and stopped by Modern Domestic on Alberta. 

During the last month, they have displayed medallion-alongs from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild members, and the medallion quilt I won in the raffle in December was part of the display.

Lucky me, they were about to take down the medallions, so I got a few pictures, and was able to take the raffle quilt home with me.

While there, I chatted with Lupine, who was working on scheduling shows. We talked about showing some vintage quilts there in the summer, so I look forward to gracing the walls of Modern Domestic later this year.

If you stop by Modern Domestic during the next month there will be another display. It's wonderful that they have a whole schedule of rotating displays throughout the year. Always something inspiring on the walls.


  1. Ooh I'm so glad you got these pics! I meant to get back to the store again before they took them down but missed it.

  2. 1st pic, l-r: Michael Ann, Guild Quilt, Kelly
    2nd pic: Elsa, AnneMarie, Michelle M.
    3rd pic: Mary Ann
    4th pic: Andrea

  3. Pic 2: lower left background: Janet, Joy
    Pic 5: far right corner: Veronica

  4. great quilts...love an updated medallion!