Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stunning! Barbara Shapel at Latimer Quilt & Textile Center

"Autumn Beauty" (front) by Barbara Shapel
The first time I saw the work of contemporary fiber artist Barbara Shapel, one of her creations was hanging at the Northwest Quilting Expo with a Best of Show ribbon on it. The funny thing was, the quilt was displayed backwards, and we were all looking at the back side of the quilt rather than the front-- but that is how extraordinary Shapel's work is. The backs of the quilts are as stunning as the fronts.

Shapel is currently exhibiting at Latimer Quilt and Textile Center until September 7th, 2014, and the exhibit is a must-see! I went with my mother, and Robin and Bill Carter, our friends from Maine. All of us were absolutely flabbergasted by Shapel's gorgeous creations.

More information about Barbara Shapel and her exquisite fiber art work may be found on her web site: http://www.barbarashapel.com. Latimer Quilt & Textile Center is located at 2105 Wilson River Loop Road in Tillamook. The center is open most days, and you may find more information on their web site- click here.


  1. WOW. I can't even believe that is a quilt. That is amazing.

  2. oh my gosh. I echo Jenni's comment. Such talent!

  3. I'm so impressed by fiber artists who can "paint" with quilting. These are lovely.

  4. Exquisite, extraordinary, stunning, gorgeous, flabbergasting... all these are completely accurate just from the photos! I'll have to keep this in mind if I take a weekend trip to the coast before September as a possible stop!