Friday, July 25, 2014

Quilts of the Aurora Colony, Oregon

detail of Emma Wagner Giesy's quilt, c. 1850s, Aurora, Oregon
Mom and I spent most of the day in Aurora, Oregon today. We went to the Old Aurora Colony Museum-- serendipitous after hearing Mary Bywater Cross speak yesterday at the Washington County Museum about the quilt made by Emma Wagner Giesy in the 1850s, which was on display at the museum.

Emma Wagner Giesy's quilt, c. 1850s, made of wool, at the museum
There were several quilts and textiles on display, in addition to other artifacts such as band instruments. It's a neat place! Here are a few pictures.

two wool quilts on display at the museum
wool coverlets on display at the museum
barn raising log cabin, backdrop for the video lounge at the museum
bed quilt in the upstairs room of one of the houses
more quilts and a hooked rug
the rug was a neat design
two more quilts in the bedroom
a sweet little doll quilt
another doll quilt
There is a great little book about Aurora and its tradition of quilts, written by Jane Kirkpatrick, available at the museum gift shop along with several other books.

If you're in the area or visiting, it's worth the time to go visit. For more information about the Old Aurora Colony Museum and the Aurora colony, click here


  1. Interesting the number of quilts and coverlets made of blue and orange. The combo feels contemporary but was obviously used a lot back in the day.

    1. I noticed that, too - and several of those examples remain intact because wool tends to hold color longer than cotton. Good eye! I was also struck by the use of turquoise in one of the coverlets.

  2. I think you'll find that the rug is knitted, using a technique called "short rows". This pattern is quite common and makes a very effective design.