Wednesday, April 16, 2014

more pieces for that other collection

from "Precision Pieced Quilts Using the Foundation Method"
Last week, I blogged about my collection of ephemera and books, the support materials for all my research about the patchwork design most commonly known as New York Beauty. The post, called "...the collection people didn't know about..." can be found here.

Following that blog, I thought I would continue posting about new additions to this collection as they arrive, and talk a little about what these items mean.

After mentioning the 1992 American Quilter article by Jean Wells in my blog last week, my friend Madge Ziegler recalled another early source of information about foundation piecing using the New York Beauty design. It was a 1992 book called "Precision Pieced Quilts Using the Foundation Method" by Jane Hall and Dixie Haywood. My copy arrived today, and it supports idea that foundation piecing was being introduced to the New York Beauty design through the mass media around 1992.

The other piece was a magazine clipping with a quilt called "Diana's Rose"- a fairly recent variant of the designs with appliqué elements. According to the seller, the quilt design was to pay tribute to Princess Diana after she died- so the pattern is 1997 or later.

The name of the magazine and date are not included, so if anyone recognizes it, let me know. I have a small collection of similar clippings, and they relate to two of the antique quilts in my collection. What was once a rare variant may be seen more often from the current period in history, because it was reintroduced by several designers.


  1. I've never posted a comment here, but read your blog every day. I have to say that the Diana's Rose quilt just gives me shivers. Here's hoping you find out more information on it!

  2. I am a quilt book hoarder. I especially love historical, reference, state documents, etc. My fabric stash pales in comparison to my quilt book stash. (And magazines, I have tons of them too and organized, labeled, sorted by titles and dates.) Some of my favorite books were the Great American Quilt Books. They were published each year from the 80's to early 2000 by Leisure Arts. Initially they were hardback then went to soft cover. A joy to read, beautiful quilts were represented and patterns included. Background stories to the quilts and quilters and the awards won. Sometimes they were quilters you heard. I started buying them up off EBAY for pennies. I see that they still have many on EBAY. If you don't have them in your library I would suggest you start buying them up when you see them. You will not be disappointed.
    The Princess Diana quilt is in one of them. It is a beauty and has the story behind the quilt and why she made it. I am at work now but will look it up and see which book (year) it was in and get back with you. I have such a passion for these books some I have duplicates of, if so with this one I will forward it on to you.
    I don't know why they quit publishing this yearly book. They are very informative and a good read.