Sunday, March 30, 2014

Milwaukie Center 20th Airing of the Quilts- Pictures

Here's the quilt I aired last weekend at the 20th Milwaukie Center Show
The 20th Milwaukie Center Airing of the Quilts took place last weekend, and I was able to grab a few pictures. Next year I will be the featured guest, so I get to decorate the stage. How cool is that?

"Amish Pinwheel" by the Hope Village Quilters
Sisters Scape- Linda Baker and Kay Wegner
this shining sun makes me happy
4 patch by Judith Lyn
Flowers from My Garden- Pat Curtis and Loretta Orsborn
Featured Quilter- Bonnie Sabel
8-Pointed Star- Dianne McRae and Marje Rhine
Guardians of the Garden- Marjorie Post & the Lake Oswego Quilters
Another great show! Can't wait for next year's event. I'll be there the whole time, with quilts!


  1. Hope you will let us know far enough in advance to make plans to visit it! This looks like a great show!

  2. Lovely pictures. How wonderful for you to be featured next year.