Monday, March 17, 2014

a great gift

This morning I met with Mary Bywater Cross and Eileen Fitzsimons about some Oregon Quilt Project business, and Eileen brought two large pieces of vintage orange floral fabric. Eileen, who has a great sense of humor, giggled about the quilt with similar fabrics in my front foyer as she handed me the fabric. Orange was definitely a thing in the 60s and 70s, and it's a thing right now, too.

So, now I have to think of something cool to do with it. I am tempted to cut it up and issue a challenge for my quiltmaking friends to use the fabric in some way. It's really too cool not to share. The fabric is heavier than quilting fabric, but light enough to use in a quilt. I love the big, impressionistic floral design.

So, thank you, Eileen, for a great gift. I will be sure to give it a lot of thought and use it well. 


  1. Wow. If it's orange it don't matter if it's new or older fabric. It's wonderful and I love it. You have one good friend there for gifting the fabric. Will be fun to see how it is used.