Tuesday, January 21, 2014

three old blue & white gems

whole cloth quilt, c. 1825, New York
An auction a couple weekends ago produced three blue and white gems- one quilt and two coverlets, all old and all from New York. The quilt is a wholecloth, c. 1825, and was documented by the New York quilt documentation project, according to a label on the back. The print is a blue toile on white.

A friend who lives in New York state said the records for the New York Quilt Project are in storage in a warehouse in Brooklyn, but they are not yet on the Quilt Index.
 The two woven coverlets appear to be overshot, narrow loom about 34" wide, each two panels. At first I thought they might be 1830s, but there is a good chance they are earlier. I saw similar examples made from 1810 to 1820 when I searched online. My first official coverlets, and it looks like they are nice and old. Both need a little work on the center seams, but should be an easy fix.


  1. Very neat finds! It's always amazing when you find something like this that's held together over all that time! Can't imagine the work and money it took back then.

  2. Gorgeous! I especially love the wholecloth!

  3. Lucky you - new project. Lucky us - along for the ride.

  4. Beautiful! The blue and white toile is gorgeous -- and the quilting!!