Sunday, January 5, 2014

speechless sunday - guess who loves fennel


  1. I love the Lulu posts. She is a character.

  2. Great Lulu post. My four cats (two are black and litter mates) were garbage can kids and eat nearly everything. Potatoes and other root vegetables hide in a large cooking pot with a locking vented lid. Apples, strawberries, peaches, green beans, bread and other food items hide in the fridge, oven and microwave. Winter squash, onions and garlic can sit in a bowl on the counters. I love all four of them.
    -Phyllis in Iowa

    1. Phyllis, thumbs up to your kittehs! :-) They will never starve, that's for sure! :-) Though my cats are spoiled brats for the most part, my Mom's late cat would supplement his regular diet with potato peel and occasional pickle. :-) My kittehs have tried zucchini and tomatoes, as well as stole a couple of smaller-sized apples from the kitchen island. No one wanted the fennel yet! ;-) But any time we bring in home fresh wheat grass, we have a stampede.

  3. Oh yes....!! Lulu is a Gourmet Cat! :-) Just a word of caution - check out this list, just in case: