Monday, December 2, 2013

the key to enjoying December

Before moving to Oregon in 1998, I would run around in a dither each December, dealing with the holiday shopping rush and watching the money fly out of my bank account. Just like everyone else!

Now I ship Christmas gifts to Maine every year, so I have to be organized and early. Usually I send unwrapped gifts, but this year I wrapped them first. One less thing to do when I get there.

Getting it all done early- taking that big, stressful shopping and spending experience out of the equation - I think I've found the key to enjoying December.


  1. Planning is really the key! There have been years I have done all my holiday shopping by the end of the summer, much less stressful, lately though I haven't planned enough ahead and utilize amazon as much as possible. Good for you being ahead of the game!

    1. It's true. With good planning, you can avoid all the things that cause stress during the holidays, which should allow you to enjoy it more. Even Amazon is so much better than shlepping to the mall!

  2. Planning is the key but, the true start is good listening because how else do you know what to plan? :) Black Friday is a tradition with at least one daughter--you need one person to be a line holder and it is fun to race around town to "power shop!" I also participated in small business Saturday and Cyber Monday shopping. Now it is down to enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday!!