Sunday, December 15, 2013


This wonderful 1970s quilt was on my "watch" list for a while. It was a maybe, but should have been an immediate yes. My reason for not snapping it up sooner? I did not have a clear idea of how wonderful it was after looking at the seller's pictures. Usually I am good at reading photos, but not this time. The quilt took me by surprise. It was so much better in person.

It was big…actually, huge...110" x 112"…all hand quilted with curved corners at the foot. The other two corners were square, giving the quilt an overall shape reminiscent of very early American quilts and bed rugs. Although the curved corners in this quilt were more likely inspired by mass-produced bedspreads than 18th century bed covers, they were something out of the ordinary for a handmade quilt. It came from a seller in Texas and is mostly polyester double knit.

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