Thursday, October 31, 2013

the back

There have been many requests to see the back construction of the spectacular polyester top with rick rack, so here it is. Looks like it was done with hand stitching over the rick rack to hold the patchwork together. Interesting!

I've really appreciated all the comments from people who didn't think they would like a polyester quilt, but like this one. That makes me happy.


  1. So now it is ON a wall. I am not big on quilts on a wall BUT this quilt is perfect on a wall... no itchy scratchy polyester.... the patience it took to sew that black rick rack is commendable as that is what makes this quilt a stand out.

  2. AhA! thanks! I thought so : ))))
    No way else could she have got it to lay so nice and flat!
    so super awesome I love it

  3. It is beautiful, looks like a stain glass window.