Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween From Mom

Happy Halloween! When Mom was visiting Oregon in September, she was working on this adorable needlepoint project with a black cat, jack 'o lantern and bat. She finished it quickly. This week it came back from the finishers, looking great, just in time for Halloween! The needlepoint canvas was made into a large button on the pillow, beautifully done with coordinating trim and orange plaid ribbon. Love it!

A few years ago Mom made another festive fall pillow with black cats in a pumpkin patch. My cat Boo was around when Mom made that pillow, but now it's Lulu. I guess I have a thing for black cats. I've always liked Halloween, too, but since I usually end up with too much leftover candy, I'm skipping the candy this year. Both pillows are out on display, and that's how I'm celebrating Halloween this year. Thanks, Mom! Happy Halloween!!

Sorry, Lulu, no Halloween candy for you!


  1. Your mother is as talented as you are Bill! But judging from Lulu's antics, she may take the cake! Or in this case, all of the Halloween candy..whether you set it out this year, or not! Love seeing your mom's beautiful handiwork and Lulu's ongoing antics! Oh, and did I mention everything you do and buy and write about..oh, yeah! And my secret word to publish this was 'examocat' I am examining you, you little Lulu of a cat! Happy Halloween to all of you!