Saturday, May 11, 2013


I've been trying to get some spring cleaning done, and sold nine quilts and a coverlet this week. Here are the items that have found new homes.
1830s coverlet, possibly Delaware or Maryland, consignment
c. 1890 Applique Sampler with American Flag, PA
Wool Crazy Block Top with great border!
c. 1950 Bowties
graphic wool and corduroy Housetop
Wild Goose Chase, c. 1840
Raffle Quilt, California 1980s
two-color bricks with triangles border
strippy vintage string block top
It was nice to clear some space off the shelves, but there will be more. Some will go on eBay, others will be privately sold. Stay tuned!


  1. Pretty eclectic group! How are you deciding which ones to keep and which to sell?

    1. The growth in my 1970s collection has necessitated downsizing in other areas, so anything that's been sitting around for a while with no plan is fair game.

  2. Well, if you ever decide to find another home for Jean Wells' Tango Garden (you know the one), I have the perfect wall for it in my house.

    Cheers, Beth White

  3. Wow. Would have loved to own a few of those. Especially the red and green and the cheddar one. Just beautiful.
    Congrats on the article.