Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mom was REALLY surprised!

Great weekend in Sisters, Oregon. Today was Quilt Show day, the 37th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, and I was pleased to pull off the big surprise. Mom didn't know I had two quilts in the show, and she was very surprised when we went to the "ManLand" exhibit and I said I'd made the quilt we were standing before - "Marvelette". There were many more surprises during the weekend.

I heard Andrea Balosky would be at the picnic, so I went, and there she was!
And of course, the whole town was covered with quilts. Mom was totally impressed, and even though it was my third time coming to the show, I was totally impressed, too.

The Staff Challenge quilts hanging on the side of The Stitchin' Post
Jean Wells Keenan's staff challenge quilt - love, love, love!
Another favorite staff challenge quilt, by Ginn Staines.
One of the marvelous Log Cabins by my friend Bill Crane of Portland 
Back of Bill Crane's quilt, a fabric I refer to as "Palm Springs Cowboys"
Motherlove, by Barbara Shapel
Center Square Medallion by Gwen Marston. I absolutely adore her!! 
Tree of Life by Sue Spargo - her use of color just amazes me.
Kristin Shield's award winning quilt from the Small Wonders challenge
Andrea Balosky and Kristin Shields with two of Andrea's Alzheimer's quilts
Portland Modern Quilt Guild display - right on!!
Lori DeJarnatt's jaw-dropping Dear Jane quilt. WOW!!!
What an amazing weekend. Mom was REALLY surprised, and that's not an easy thing to pull off. Great quilts, great friends, and as always I returned home feeling totally uplifted and energized. It was very special having Mom there for the first quilt show that included quilts I've made, and I think she was very proud! Kudos to all the quiltmakers, volunteers, staff, and teachers. Can't wait 'til next year!!


  1. wish i could have joined in the fun! I've never been to the Sisters quilt show....but i've been to Sisters and the quilt shop many many times. Some day i'm going to have to make the show! thanks for sharing some of the quilts...and Lori's...WOW!! actually, all of them...WOW!

    1. Karen, move it to the top of your bucket list. Oregon is glorious in the summer, and Sisters is a must-see!

  2. Great to meet you today! Did you hang around long enough to see that incredible storm? It was crazy!

    1. We were gone by 1.

      What happened??

      Did it rain in Sisters for the second time in 37 years during Quilt Show???

  3. Loved this post. Puts a big smile on my face. I enjoy your posts, please don't stop. Its nice having your Mother there to share it with you.
    Rondi Leslie

    1. Thank you, Rondi. It was fun. I heard there was a huge storm after we left, but we missed it. No doubt the army of volunteers got the quilts inside very quickly.

  4. Looks like a fabulous show and at last I know what you look like.
    It must be wonderful to spend precious time with your mum and for her to see your quilts.

    1. It's always fabulous, and worth traveling to from far away (hint, hint).

  5. What a nice overview of the show. Love the photo of you and Andrea. Thanks for including my quilt in your post! I was thrilled to see it hanging in the Sisters show. Appropriate since that is where I took my first quilt class.
    Your mother is a lovely women, I was happy to meet her.