Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's the Deal with Zazzle's Shoes?

I've got some interesting news for all fans of Willy Wonky quilt shoes. Zazzle has temporarily halted all sales of Keds sneakers because they will soon be introducing a whole new line of shoes. My Zazzle buddy Cathleen Savage, who sells iPhone cases and other items, alerted me to the news seen in this forum post.

If you've tried to view the shoes in my collection, you've likely run into a page that says, "Zazzle, the leading innovator in product customization and co-creator of the world’s first 100% customizable shoe is changing the shoe game again. Coming in 2012, we’re launching the next generation of completely custom shoe styles with new silhouettes, features, and styles."

According to the forum post, Zazzle will make an effort to incorporate current designs into the new shoes, which would be helpful to me. I had designed over 70 pair of shoes! Still fresh in my mind, they can be recreated if necessary. Here's what that post says: 

"We have some very exciting news to share and wanted to broadcast it to a wide audience here first. As some of you will start to notice, your shoe product pages will soon be adorned with a Coming In 2012 message and will be hidden from view. We are making this change in order to make room for an expanded, self-branded shoe offering in 2012. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to migrate your existing shoes to the new styles coming in 2012."

So, that's all the information I've got. I'm sorry Zazzle won't be able to deliver product right away, especially after I'd promoted the shoes here and piqued the interest of so many readers. Some people were lucky to get the shoes before the holidays. Others will unfortunately have to wait. Even though it's beyond my control, I'm excited to see what's next. I may have to design some other types of items in the meantime! The coffee mugs were well-received by my family at Christmas...maybe I'll offer some of those. To visit my Zazzle shop, click here.


  1. Love your designs! I actually had over a 1000 designs in my store. It was a shock to find them all gone one day. Hope that we do not have to wait long for them to return.

  2. Ok, so its now 2013, do we know what the heck is going on with the shoes!? Im trying to find some info on it!!!

    1. Haven't heard a thing. I need to come up with something else to give to the winner of my give-away. Ugh!